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Thursday, September 23, 2010


A section of The Hero with A Thousand Faces, which made an indelible impression on the QMBC, was Campbell's detailed description of the aboriginal Australian rite of subincision. Be warned before reading on that once the definition of subincision is learned, it cannot be unlearned.

The coming of age ritual culminates in an incision being made on the underside of the youth's penis, from base to tip, creating a bleeding opening which is likened to a vulva, thereby making him 'more than a man'.

In the days before his subincision, the youth is made to fast, being sustained only by blood from the re-opened wounds of the menfolk's own 'penis-wombs'.

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  1. hey second time I've landed on this website. 1st visit came up when I was looking for info on subincision, LOL. 2nd when I was looking for info on THWATF... Love the style of your minutes!

    I'm no longer looking forward to reading that book - maybe a few videos on Campbell will suffice for my studies. I can't recommend any of the books I'm reading (histories of world religions) although they are interesting but bloody hard to read (for an athiest). Thus I need these distractions ... where are those QMBC amended rules?

  2. Dearest Lethe,

    Thank you for taking the time from your hectic studies to delve a little bit deeper into the QMBC and our recent learnings on Subincision and our comprehensive review of Campbell's THWATF (now lovingly known as TwatFaces by the QMBC).

    If we have served to prick the bubble of fervour that seems to surround THWATF then our efforts were not entirely in vain.

    In essence, it is not a book to be read for fun but I can see why it might have been recommended as part of a course such as yours.

    Relating to Subincision, the Aborigines can bloody well do and say as they please but as far as this Irishman is concerned: Blood from a mickey is the worst type of blood.

    Yes sir, I will take a good old fashioned Roman Catholic confirmation as a rite of passage any day over that sort of shenanigans. No wonder the poor buggers go on Walkabout, it must be hard to look your peers in the eye after slugging their mickey blood. (blesses himself)

    Anyway, wishing you every success in your studies even if they sound a tad bohemian for my bad-self.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Mycroft Webb