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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Suggest a Book for QMBC VII

Do you know of a book you feel deserves inclusion in the QMBC library? Use the comments section below to suggest it and your selection may be sponsored by a member of the QMBC in the nomination phase of QMBC VII.

Be warned however, we are not easily swayed. Make best use of whatever wiles and tricks of rhetoric are available to you.

(Suggestions should be made by Monday 18th October 2010.)


  1. Any of the following novels by Graham Greene would be worthy of their place on the prestigious QMBC VII shortlist....

    'The Heart of the Matter'
    'The Quiet American'
    'Our Man in Havanna'
    'The Tenth Man'

    They all weigh in at a tidy 120pages or so and can be easily knocked off in a few hours. Plus they should all typically be available in the penguin classics collection for low low prices or from your library.

    If your looking for something a little more substantial, 'Empire of the Sun' by JG Ballard is worth a read - though you may have read that one before.

    Also 'Survival in the Killing Fields' by Haing S Ngor with Roger Warner or 'A Short History of Nearly Everything' by Bill Bryson.

  2. Letters to Strongheart

    Forty some letters written to a dead dog. Strongheart was one of the first animal movie stars. He was a screen legend famous for being able to cry on close-up. A classic read for those dealing with pet-loss related issues.



  3. All suggestions were taken under consideration, but none have entered the QMBC Library as of QMBC VII.

    "Letters to Strongheart" sparked the following social commentary by Tiger McGavin:
    "Same kinda thing when people buy presents for pets at Christmas. They aren't even Christians and people waste their good money on them!"

    William Clay observed that Strongheart's post mortem state might make for a bleak story, and if the canine had also been an orphan, Atticus would probably already own a copy of the book.

  4. Hi,

    I have now added a permanent "Suggest a QMBC book" page so please use that page instead to put forward your suggestions. Thanks.



    Mycroft Webb QMBC