"Men of few words are the best men." - William Shakespeare, King Henry V, Act III, Scene II

Saturday, January 22, 2011

QMBC: A Struggle for Intellectual Vanity

I could take it no longer, I simply had to intervene.

It took little time to convince myself that to sit idly by and do nothing while one of Locatelli's most prized violin sonatas was being slandered in such a cruel fashion would be tantamount to complicity in the act itself. Spurned on by this belief, I roused myself from my favourite leather gladstone armchair with a level of fleet-footedness that one would certainly not expect of a man of my stature.

I quickly turned off the radio and then unplugged the offending article (as a further admonishment for what had just happened). The unanswered question of why such a technically demanding capriccio was attempted when the required skill levels were so obviously absent vexed me considerably but I could only applaud the violinist's ambition, if not their playing.

Anyhoo, this unwelcome interruption to my planned evening's entertainment meant that I had to resort to the Television. A recent bad experience with a series called "Mrs Brown's Boys" on RTE had very nearly caused me to walk away from the world of moving pictures entirely but on this happy occasion I stumbled across an episode of the very excellent Peep Show (http://www.channel4.com/programmes/peep-show).

I enclose a clip which I thought particularly apt to members of the QMBC as it was concerned with the reading of a book for a book club and how the initial excitement upon starting a new book can often rapidly turn into .... well something else.

If anything I think it serves as a timely reminder that our quest to be Ireland's foremost contrarian elitist gentleman's book club will not always be an easy one and also to a lesser extent that the struggle for intellectual vanity is its own reward.

Yours Faithfully,

Mycroft Webb

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