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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

QMBC XI: In Cold Blood


In Cold Blood
Truman Capote

The Bleeding Horse, Camden Street, Dublin.
19th July 2011

One Sentence Summaries

Tiger McGavin: Was Perry chicken? Did Dick hit cock? These questions were left unanswered and they were effectively left hanging.

Atticus McCarthy: Perfect execution.

Carl Jameson: How do I feel about In Cold Blood? Luke warm.

William Clay: It was good but was there too much Clutter?

Whitby Syme: Had I met Truman Capote while reading this, I would have been in danger of committing a true crime of my own.

Mycroft Webb: Hot paper!


Tiger McGavin: 67/83
Quincey Morrisness: 5/10
Actioness: 10/13
Well Writteness: 12/13
Interestingness: 16/17
Unputdownableness: 20/22
Sexiness: 4/8

Atticus McCarthy: 62/83
Interestingness: 13/15
Quincey Morrisness: 10/15
Actioness: 6/10
Execution: 18/20 *
Unputdownableness: 7/10
Discussableness: 10/13
Forgettableness: -2

* Clay & Webb commented it should have been 2 out of 2.

William Clay: 49/83
Interestingness: 12/20
True Crimeness: 37/63

Carl Jameson: 49/83
Well Writteness: 14/20
Unputdownableness: 3/10
Food for thought: 17/20
Interestingness: 7/10
Quincey Morrisness: 8/10
Sexiness: 0/13

Mycroft Webb: 60/83
Quincey Morrisness: 7/16
Actioness: 10/15
Well Writteness: 13/15
Interestingness: 13/15
Unputdownableness: 17/22

Whitby Syme: 45/83
Plot: 13/20
Execution: 12/20
Characters: 13/20
Food for thought: 5/10
Extra points: 2/13

In Cold Blood earned a QMBC rating of 55.3 / 83.


William Clay
- A Death in Summer by Benjamin Black
- Carte Blance by Jeffrey Deaver
- Solar by Ian McEwan (vetoed by Atticus McCarthy)

Whitby Syme
- Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Tiger McGavin:
- Flashman by George MacDonald Fraser
- Map of a Nation by Rachel Hewitt

Atticus McCarthy
- Netherland by Joseph O'Neill

Mycroft Webb
- Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson

Carl Jameson
- Letters from My Windmill by Alfone Daudet
- Scorpion Patrol by Soldier X (later revealed to be a fictional book appearing in TV show Peep Show)

The Voting

A Death in Summer--100300--400
Carte Blanche-----200200
Atlas Shrugged---100300-400
Map of a Nation100-----100
Letters from My Windmill300300---100700

Next: Letters from my Windmill
Nearly: Flashman

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