"Men of few words are the best men." - William Shakespeare, King Henry V, Act III, Scene II

Tuesday, July 31, 2012



Laurent Binet

The Valderón Residence, Dublin.
31st July 2012

One Sentence Summaries

Tiger McGavin: Nazis eh? They're gas!

Whitby Syme: BBbB - Binet's Book bugs Buffs.

Mycroft Webb: Honestly Had higher Hopes.

Carl Jameson: Long-winded self-referential sentence*

Atticus McCarthy: I read this book in two straight sittings. Or was it three?

William Clay: Not easy to pun.

* In drafting my one sentence summary I [Carl Jameson] feel an impulse to be frank in my assessment, and to honour the author's efforts by painstaking reflection upon my feelings towards the work.


Tiger McGavin: 39/83
Quincey Morrisness: 10/14
Well writteness: 5/13
Interestingness: 7/15
Unputdownableness: 8/20
Sexiness: 1/8
Actioness: 8/13

Atticus McCarthy: 76/83
Interestingness: 13/15
Quincey Morrisness: 18/18
Actioness: 9/10
Execution: 17/20
Unputdownableness: 9/10

William Clay: 53/83
Quincey Morrisness: 12/14
Second World Warness: 33/59
Too Much Factness: 8/10

Carl Jameson: 45/83
Quincey Morrisness: 12/15
Well Writteness: 10/30
Interestingness: 15/20
Execution: 6/10
Unputdownableness: 2/18

Whitby Syme: 60/83
Plot: 15/20
Execution: 15/20
Characters: 16/20
Food for thought: 8/10
Extra points: 6/13

Mycroft Webb: 53/83
Quincey Morrisness: 11/16
Actioness: 10/15
Well Writteness: 8/13
Interestingness: 12/15
Unputdownableness: 12/22

HHhH earned a QMBC rating of 54.33 / 83.


William Clay
- Wilderness: A Journey of Quiet Adventure in Alaska by Rockwell Kent
- American Assassin by Vince Flynn

Whitby Syme
- Falling Man by Don DeLillo
- Use of Weapons by Iain M. Banks

Tiger McGavin:
- The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller
- The Opium War by Julia Lovell

Atticus McCarthy
- Canada by Richard Ford

Mycroft Webb
- The Green Hills of Africa by Ernest Hemingway

Carl Jameson
- The Doomsday Book by Connie Willis

The Voting

Falling Man200-200300--700
Use of Weapons300---200100600
American Assassin--300---300
The Doomsday Book-200----200
The Green Hills of Africa--100-100-200
The Song of Achilles-100-200-300600
The Opium War100-----100

Next: Falling Man
Nearly: Wilderness

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